Ciclo XXXIV°

StudentTutorResearch Project
Elena AlbertiEnrica Zucca

Echocardiographic assessment of severity and prognosis of aortic regurgitation in sport horses

Sharon ArcuriTiziana Brevini

Use of Ten Eleven Translocation enzymes (TET) to erase signs of aging

Gabriela De Los Angeles Avila MoralesFabrizio Ceciliani

Nutrition and immunity: molecular approaches

Mara BagardiPaola Brambilla

Evaluation of median survival time in dogs affected by degenerative mitral valve disease (acvim class b2, c e d) included according to standardized therapeutic protocols: prospective, randomized study.

Clelia Buccheri PederzoliCamilla Luzzago

Disease ecology of red deer (Cervus elaphus) in Stelvio National Park

Giulia ChiappaChiara Bazzocchi

Ixodes ricinus and vector borne diseases: innovative methods to improve the diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis

Lavinia Elena ChitiDamiano Stefanello

Gamma-probe guided sentinel lymph node extirpation to assess patterns of nodal metastasis in spontaneous head and neck malignancies of the dog

Matteo CortellariPaola Crepaldi

Genomic investigation on the effects of the selection in the three main ruminant species

AnnaLaura LopezVittorio Moretti

Determining authenticity of caviar from farmed sturgeon using innovative analytical techniques

Valentina MonisteroPaolo Moroni

A worldwide study of Staphylococcus aureus: antimicrobial susceptibility profiles, genotypes and virulence genes of a large world collection of isolates from bovine mastitis

Thi Xuan NguyenGiovanni Savoini

n6/n3 Fatty acid ratio effect on piglet microbiome and immunity

Giulia PizziDebora Groppetti

Strategies against cancer: multidisciplinary approach to the neoplasms of reproductive system in companion animals

Donatella ScavoneSaverio Paltrinieri

Study of pathogenesis and diagnosis of the main clinico-pathological abnormalities of domestic animals and analytical validation of innovative diagnostic markers

Tamil Selvi SundaramAntonella Baldi

Establishing novel in vitro intestinal epithelial cell models in animal nutrition

Nicole VerdileFulvio Gandolfi

Development of a 3D in vitro platform for predicting the nutritional value of fish feeds

Jari ZambarbieriPaola Scarpa

Vitamin D and renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system activity in dogs affected with chronic kidney disease