Ciclo XXXV°

StudentTutorResearch Project
Brioschi Federica AlessandraRavasio Giuliano

Anaesthesia and pain management in companion animals

Cappelleri AndreaEugenio Scanzani

Pathology of animals as model of immunodeficiency

Corradini Anna FrancescaGaviglio Anna

Exploring consumers' perceptions and preferences on wild food

Dell'Anno MatteoRossi Luciana

Functional Feed Additives for Animal Health

Ferrulli VincenzoPravettoni Davide

Bovine respiratory disease BRD: use of fust lung ultrasonography (FLUS) as a rapid diagnostic method in both diary and beef calves and rapid detection of antibiotic resistance in bovine BRD bacteria isolate by MALDI Biotyper Antibiotic Susceptibility Test Rapid Assay (MBT-ASTRA)

Galizzi AlbertoLocatelli Chiara

An expansion on diagnostic and prognostic markers in dogs with acute and chronic heart failure

Godizzi FrancescoRoccabianca Paola

Diagnostic standardization in veterinary dermatopathology

Penati MartinaAddis Filippa

Omic approaches for understanding, detecting and controlling dairy ruminants mastitis and its related issues in animal management

Herrera MillarDigiancamillo Alessia

Basic science for tissue engineering in veterinary orthopaedic research

Spediacci CarlottaDigiancamillo Mauro

Diagnostic and therapeutic iter in equine palmar foot pain syndrome unresponsive to a conservative medical treatment

Sandrini SilviaAgazzi Alessandro

New perspectives in livestock nutrition to improve health and performance