StudentTutorResearch Project
Edoardo BardiStefano Romussi

Standardization of minimally invasive surgical procedures in wild and captive reptiles

Rodrigo Garcia BarrosAlberto M. Luciano

Development of a new oocyte in vitro maturation strategies to enhance the outcome of assisted reproductive technologies

Manca nome ColomboGaia Cecilia Luvoni

Enriched culture system and oocyte cryopreservation in animal models

Manca nome DaiMichela Minero

Advances in the validation of non-invasive welfare indicators in equines: use of multidisciplinary methods and adaptation to different scenarios

Jasmin FusiMaria Cristina Veronesi

Investigations in small animals reproduction and neonatology using matrices collected withput invasiveness

Manca nome GambiniMario Caniatti

Pathology of mycobacterial diseases in domestic animals

Manca nome GiorgiValentino Bontempo

Non invasive markers of intestinal inflammation to evaluate nutritional strategies aimed to reduce the use of antibiotics in monogastrics

Monika HejnaLuciana Rossi

Plant-based strategies to control the zinc output from swine livestock

Manca nome ManfrediDavide Danilo Zani

Preoperative and intraoperative sentinel lymph nodes mapping in malignant canine spontaneous tumors

Manca nome ZoriniGiovanni Savoini

Precision feeding to improve feed efficiency in dairy cows

Claudio PigoliGiuseppe Sironi

Mycobacteriosis in Veterinary Medicine: Morphopathology and Mycobacterial Phenotypes

Luca VillaMaria Teresa Manfredi

Investigations on protozoa infections in ruminants of zoonosic an zootechnical importance: an integrated approach

Manca nome VitaliMassimo Faustini

Advanced in applied physiology and behavioral needs for improvement in the health and husbandry management of wild and zoo herbivores

Manca nome ZamarinCristina Lecchi

Identification of tumour-associated molecules as suitable biomarkers of cancer in dogs